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Euphoria Telecom offers customisable phone solutions for businesses & contact centres 

What is a Cloud PABX

Cloud-hosted business
phone solution

Our powerful system helps you control and manage your company phones from anywhere at anytime.

Euphoria service

Cloud contact
centre solution

Our contact center solution delivers greater agent productivity and flexible call center management.

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Our powerful telephone system has a full suite of remote working features

Popular features

Know your account status anywhere, anytime
Multi device sync
Manage your system from anywhere
Assess the performance of your agents
Create your own digital receptionist
Analyse your data

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Euphoria circle devices

Plug into your phone system via multiple devices

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“With Euphoria the cost saving was dramatic and immediate.”
David Donde – Founder, Truth Coffee Roasting
“One of the great features of the Euphoria system is that we are able to call between [our different franchise] offices free.” 
Graham Ross  – General Manager (Western Cape), Just Property
“For a startup enterprise or a small to medium size business Euphoria is a fantastic option.” 
James Bracher –  Founder, 2Way Systems 

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