Euphoria’s cloud-based PABX helps the media to keep costs down

  • No contracts

  • Big savings

  • Full remote working capabilities

  • Contact centre ready

  • In-depth analytics

There can be little doubt that the media industry is facing a barrage of challenges and on top of it all, doing so in a climate of ever-diminishing financial support. In such an environment, media outlets are under serious pressure to cut costs further than they already have.
But there is some good news for the embattled industry, Euphoria Telecom offers a way to drastically reduce communications costs – the one area in which media companies haven’t previously been able to cut back significantly.

Call recordings and voice messages are stored for up to five years in your cloud-based PBX system.

Euphoria Telecom was formed to offer an affordable, efficient service to businesses of all sizes and types, to be available to their customers, when and where they need them. Implementing a Euphoria hosted PBX will allow a media organisation to take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which can dramatically reduce the cost of telecommunications. All calls between users on the Euphoria system are free, wherever in the world the parties may be located – just as long as each party has a reliable internet connection.

Furthermore, calls can be made via a browser phone, a VoIP handset or via the Euphoria Softphone App, which lets you make landline calls from your mobile phone.

No expensive hardware means lower costs with Euphoria

Among the most compelling benefits of hosted PABX technology is the fact the system requires no complicated physical hardware. In addition, any updates or upgrades the system may need can and are performed remotely and entirely seamlessly.

Another benefit for the media industry is that calls can be automatically recorded for later retrieval if, for example, an interviewee wants to dispute what he or she said in an interview, for example. Call recordings and voice messages are stored for up to five years in your cloud-based PBX system. The added benefit of Euphoria’s cloud solution is that there is no need to tie your business into an extended contract. You can sign up on a month-to-month basis with no strings attached – no long-term contract is required. And because the system does not rely solely on landline connections it can operate across multiple platforms and locations, even when the power goes out. Euphoria offers more than 200+ innovative features that support your business. Media houses with call centres can benefit even more. The Euphoria Contact Centre solution empowers employees with tools that enable seamless communication across multiple channels. Integrated, real-time reporting functionality allows you to analyse call centre staff productivity and apply call recordings, among other things, plus agents can work remotely if need be. And should there be external factors that negatively impact the network, all data and information is automatically backed up and can easily be recovered. Security is also always a concern when dealing with internetbased technology but these systems connect via SSL-secured Web protocols to ensure the utmost confidentiality

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Euphoria is helping media survive tough times

While a cloud-based PABX system won’t deliver the news for you, it will most definitely equip your journalists and production teams to deliver news from anywhere on the planet in a cost-effective manner. Call us now for a demo or quote.

We offer cost-effective telephony packages to suit businesses of all sizes.

Our seamless phone system can be accessed via multiple devices which means remote working is now simpler than ever. 

Put your deskphone in your pocket with the Euphoria Mobile App.

Our groundbreaking Telephone Management System (TMS) is packed with 200+ powerful features all designed to save money and improve efficiency.

Save up to:


compared to legacy landlines


compared to cumbersome onsite PBX systems


compared to other PBX providers

Euphoria system features that have special relevance within the media sector:

  • Hot desking/PIN dialling – multiple users can use one phone and it tracks cost and usage per person
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – to help customers help themselves and direct calls as needed
  • The Euphoria mobile app – employees can receive calls wherever they are, making it easier to work out what calls were business calls

Trusted by 5000+ happy customers across the country

For remote and mobile workforces, like those in the media sector, a telephony system that is as flexible as your team is essential. Euphoria has the solution for any business in this sector.