What makes Euphoria Telecom unique?

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Euphoria Telecom has fast become the preferred business communications provider for leading corporates and also within the South African SME market. In less than 7 years, Euphoria has firmly established itself as a major competitor amongst established voice service providers.

These are some of the key differentiators that make Euphoria Telecom unique.

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Made in SA for SA

In 2010, when Euphoria first launched, VoIP was a new concept but mostly misunderstood. It instilled fear amongst business owners rather than the opportunities and efficiency it offered. The technology Euphoria launched did not exist – it offered services that would revolutionise the way business owners and managers perceived communications in the workplace.

“We designed the system to work WITH the local infrastructure, giving SA businesses a chance at tapping into a world-class product on the existing infrastructure and with the available resources. Even though South Africa’s infrastructure posed challenges, we did not let this stop us from pursuing our organisational vision,” says Rafal Janik COO of Euphoria Telecom.

Developing a local system has also reduced the costs of using a PBX system. Instead of paying premium international license costs, local customers pay affordable local prices. A locally developed system also means complete development control, giving SA businesses the ability to integrate with other in-house software (e.g. CRM).

Removing the unnecessary

Before true cloud-based business communication systems like Euphoria were released, PBX solutions were complex, clumsy, resource intensive and expensive – but essential for any business to operate with a professional appearance.

Older systems required several disparate but important physical components to work together in order to provide a business the kind of PBX functionality, reporting, management and features needed.

Euphoria Telecom developed an innovative PBX for the modern day business, by integrating all of the necessary functions of a business PBX into one simple solution.

Customer Service

In SA, especially in the telecom space, there has always been poor customer service and a low lever of customer satisfaction. Customers were always offered the bare minimum from support agents, sales executives and administrative staff.

When Euphoria established its customer service standards, it was based on high international standards and not on the inferior local standards that consumers have become accustomed to. Support teams at Euphoria were trained to be proactive, resolution driven and must meet high standards of customer satisfaction.

Customer service for Euphoria extends beyond our customers engagement with our employees – true customer service is built into the product itself. By designing the product with customer-centricity in mind, the technology itself is customer friendly and delivers excellent customer service when used.

Customers regard customer service as the main reason for remaining loyal to the Euphoria brand.

Insights for SMART decision-making

Euphoria raised the bar on product, service and solution delivery – giving businesses access to real-time insights into their business, their workforce and their own customer experience.

Euphoria’s intuitive Telephone Management System (TMS) allows managers to monitor what happens to incoming calls, in real-time and through simple reporting, giving them access to reports to make informed decisions.

Without insights, features like a bad IVR structure can be missed causing a business to lose countless calls. A business cannot fix a problem it cannot see. “Out of sight, out of mind” can be critical for any business. Without the right tools to see all the caveats in a business, managers can be at a loss as to how to solve persistent problems or run the risk of endangering a business’s ability to thrive in an increasingly competitive world,” says Janik.

Month-to-Month – the future of business service

The decision to make Euphoria’s product an on-demand, scalable product stemmed from the belief that businesses do not need to be tied into long-term contracts if they are receiving the correct functionality, insights and service they deserve.

“We believe that customers should have the flexibility to move to different service providers until they find one that fits their unique business requirements. Our customer-base doubles year-on-year, simply because we meet their requirements and not out of cohesion or the figurative ‘iron cuffs’,” says Janik.

Euphoria Telecom – Better Communication for Work

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