Kyknet Interview on DSTV – Business Telephone System

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2015 has started off with a bang. More businesses are realising the significant benefits of using our Cloud based Business Telephone System. Euphoria Telecom made its first television appearance. Kyknet, the Afrikaans channel on DSTV invited us to be a apart of their forward thinking, innovative business talk show Winslyn.

Winslyn makes the complex domestic and international economy more comprehensive by interviewing people in the ‘know’. How is the business world developing to improve services for customers? How are their decisions influenced by the economic status of the country?  What economic developments are especially relevant now ? These are just some of the main questions that presenters Divan Botha, Santie Botha and their guests , answer.

Euphoria directors George Golding (CEO) and Conrad de Wet (CIO) were invited to talk about how a Cloud based Business Telephone System can change the way businesses manage their telephone system, making them more effective and improving the customer experience.

It was a fantastic opportunity to share the vision and innovation behind Euphoria as well as educate audience members in the development of this type of technology.

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