5 Signs Your Business is Cloud PBX-Ready!

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In the business world, the first impression is crucial, and your telephone system is often the first point of contact with potential clients. PBX systems are also essential for internal communication and connecting employees to clients.

A cloud PBX is a business phone system that is hosted offsite and can be accessed via a cloud-based IP network. This means that the only hardware housed within the business are the phones being used. Hosted PBX solutions offer a variety of features like voicemail-to-email, auto-attendant, call forwarding, and call recording that are typically only available on enterprise-level traditional telephone systems. However, before switching to a hosted PABX solution, it’s essential to ensure that your site is ready for it. There are five ways to know if your site is ready for a cloud PBX:

Do you have reliable internet connectivity?

Connectivity is king! To successfully transition to a hosted PBX solution, it’s essential to check your company’s internet connection as it’s critical for the cloud PBX system to function properly. Look for internet solutions that provide robust and dependable internet connection so that your PBX system works optimally. Ideally, a high-speed fiber connection is the best option, but LTE connections can also be a viable alternative depending on your location. If LTE isn’t available, a wireless connection would be the most practical choice.

Is your bandwidth capable of supporting a VOIP system?

To ensure high-quality VOIP calls, it’s important to consider the capacity of your network and any other applications that may be using it simultaneously. We suggest having a minimum download speed of 10mbps and an upload speed of 5mbps. Additionally, using a dedicated voice router or channel can further improve call quality on your PBX cloud system.

Is your existing phone equipment compatible?

For those who wish to use their current handsets, it’s necessary to have VoIP phones that are compatible with a hosted PBX system. Certain IP phone brands, such as Snom, Yealink, Grandstream, and Flying Voice, can be used for this purpose.

What cabling and network points are currently available?

When considering a switch to a hosted PBX system, it’s crucial to think about the cabling and network points available at your business location. Even though the system is hosted in the cloud, it still requires access to an ethernet connection to connect to physical handsets. However, if you prefer a cable-free solution, modern options include wireless headsets that run on software, smartphone apps, or WiFi phones that connect to the local wireless network. In recent years, wireless phone systems have greatly improved and are now a popular choice for businesses looking for a fast and easy installation without the need for cabling the premises.

What is your current telephony solution and why are you looking to change?

One crucial inquiry that PBX service providers may make is regarding your current telephony system and the reasons for changing. It’s vital to assess your situation by asking yourself a few questions to determine your current setup, requirements, and the most suitable solution for your business. 

For example, do you already have an IP connection in place? If so, what type of connection is it and how fast is it? Additionally, do you have any existing networking or cabling that could impact the installation of a new system? If you’re currently using a service provider, take some time to reflect on the type of service they’re providing, as well as the contract and billing rates you’re currently committed to. Are there aspects of the service you’re happy with, and others that you’re less satisfied with? 

Finally, it’s important to evaluate any existing hardware you have, including your current phone system. Do you own the hardware outright, or are you renting it? If you’re renting, what is the remaining term on your contract? By answering these questions, you can determine whether your business is ready to make the switch to a cloud PBX system. 

If you are interested in a cloud PBX for your business and would like to find out more information, contact Euphoria, South Africa’s best VoIP provider.

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