How Euphoria’s hosted PABX solution provides needed cost savings to the hospitality industry

  • No contracts

  • Big savings

  • Full remote working capabilities

  • Contact centre ready

  • In-depth analytics

Communication is one of the most important aspects that determines the level of service and the effectiveness of daily operations in the hospitality industry. But telecommunications can be expensive, especially in South Africa where these services are among the most expensive in the world, and particularly in the hospitality industry where international guests frequently want to make international calls.

Technology has come to the rescue in the form of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) coupled with cloud computing, both of which make use of the internet to provide access to business services like telephony, from wherever you are. And that’s where Euphoria Telecom comes into the picture.

Whether you’re running a 300-bed hotel or a threeroom guest house, a cloud-based PABX, with over 200 features, will dramatically reduce your telecommunications costs across the board. Euphoria Telecom was formed to offer an affordable, efficient service to businesses of all sizes and types to enable them to be available to their customers, when and where they need them. Indeed, this is why hotels, lodges and B&Bs have opted to implement a hosted PABX solution from Euphoria.


Affordable and secure communications

Euphoria’s VoIP, cloud-based PABX platform empowers hospitality businesses to take control of costs without the heavy administration burden. And because there is no hardware, there is nothing to upgrade in order to take advantage of new features and technologies. Upgrades are provided through software updates that happen automatically in the background. Furthermore, all calls can be automatically recorded, encrypted and saved securely ready for instant access at some future time, should they be needed.

Hosted PABXs can be scaled up or down easily, adding or removing users and / or different features in a matter of minutes.

The added benefit of Euphoria’s cloud solution is that there is no need to tie your business into an extended contract. You can sign up on a month-to-month basis with no strings attached – no long-term contract is required. And because the system does not rely solely on landline connections it can operate across multiple platforms and locations, even when the power goes out. Euphoria offers more than 200+ innovative features that support your business. This includes a softphone solution that allows users to make and receive calls from landline numbers via their cell phones.

Internal calls are completely free-of-charge

One of the main benefits of the Euphoria system for the hospitality sector is that all internal communication is free whether calls are between employees or customers at a particular venue or between venues. This is particularly useful in an industry where the primary cause. of business problems can often be traced to delayed communication, miscommunication, missed messages, limited mobility, incompatible systems and communication breakdowns.

The platforms’ call centre functionality empowers employees with tools to enable seamless communications with your clients across multiple channels, an essential part of the guest experience.

Another benefit is the fact that no physical infrastructure beyond an internet connection is required.

No complicated or cumbersome hardware is needed. No long-term contracts are required either. Sign up month-to-month and get the flexibility of scaling your telephony up or down as you need to.

Euphoria tech support services

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Transform your business with a multi-device phone solution tailored to your specific needs

We offer cost-effective telephony packages to suit businesses of all sizes.

Our seamless phone system can be accessed via multiple devices which means remote working is now simpler than ever. 

Put your deskphone in your pocket with the Euphoria Mobile App.

Our groundbreaking Telephone Management System (TMS) is packed with 200+ powerful features all designed to save money and improve efficiency.

Save up to:


compared to legacy landlines


compared to cumbersome onsite PBX systems


compared to other PBX providers

Euphoria system features that have special relevance within the hospitality sector:

  • The Euphoria Mobile App – make and receive calls from your office phone number using your cellphone
  • Intelligent Voice Response (IVR)
  • Hunt Lists

Trusted by 5000+ happy customers across the country

Your Euphoria cloud-based PABX system won’t be able to turn down the sheets for your guests or put a chocolate on their pillows, it can most certainly provide a robust platform for guests and staff to communicate internally and with the outside world. Call us today for a quote or to arrange your free demo.