Hardware-free and hassle free. You need a browser phone in your life, here’s why…

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Soft phones and desk phones have their place, but if you really want a flexible calling tool what you want is a browser phone.

Literally, a phone embedded in a web browser, a browser phone is with you wherever you have access to a computer. This makes it a particularly convenient tool for mobile and distributed workforces. It’s also great for hot desk environments as you can walk up to any machine, log in, and away you go.

Euphoria’s browser phone does everything a desk phone does, but without the capex outlay for VoIP handsets. It’s also admin free – no going from machine to machine to install software, or cable phones. None of the adds, moves and changes that come with cabling and hardware, and no need for software updates either.

The browser phone is suitable for people who use shared environments, people who don’t want to spend on hardware and installation, hot-desk setups, and anyone who wants to have their office extension at the coffee shop (or home).

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