From R81k to R17K for a TVET College

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From R81k to R17k! Euphoria Telecom’s system helps a TVET College reduce its monthly telephone bill

South African TVET colleges are Technical Vocational Education and Training colleges that prepare individuals for their career of choice.

Recently, Euphoria Telecom implemented its cloud based business phone system, at a TVET college with +/- 100 extensions. The collage had been experiencing unusually high phone bills each month. Without the Euphoria system, these costs were difficult to source or control.

Using Euphoria Telecoms call analytics, a basic function of the Euphoria TMS (Telephone Management System) and Euphoria Telecoms reporting tools, it was a simple matter of investigating high caller usage from the reports and cross referencing these calls to specific extensions.

The process itself took less than a week and presented the college with invaluable insight into where the high telephone costs were coming from.

To combat the problem, Euphoria Telecom implemented a “per extension budget facility” across all extensions at the college.

Per Extension Budget Facility:

The per extension budget facility places limit on the Rand value each employee is able to use, per month, week or day. Once the limit is reached, the employee submits a request for an increase to management. Increasing a call budget on a specific extension is a two-step process that takes less than a minute to complete.

The budget facility is an incredibly powerful tool for managers to ensure workforce productivity is optimal, placing control in the hands of the college in seconds.

The implementation of the tool has already changed employee behavior, encouraging employees to be mindful about performing work tasks while adhering to company policy.

Call recordings are highly useful to management in the event of uncertainty about a particular call. The TMS allows managers to enter a number and get all the call recordings for those calls in seconds. If the calls are considered legitimate, management then has all the information they need to make a decision to approve the request for an increase on that extensions call limit.

The positive effects have cascaded across the college creating a more productive working environment and a workforce who is committed and efficient.

Financially, the college is saving tremendously on a monthly basis. Funds that can be directed toward better employee reward systems or other areas of the college that urgently need capital for growth and development.

The college has seen a shift in employee behaviour and has a sense of relief, knowing that all the information to make the right decisions pertaining to their business telephone usage are all a click of a button away in Euphoria Telecoms powerful TMS.

Watch this video for a comprehensive overview of the Euphoria Telecoms PBX system.

Euphoria Telecoms cloud based business phone system

Euphoria Telecom is a cloud based business phone system, designed for the business who wants to take advantage of operational efficiencies, workforce productivity, enable workforce mobility and still have complete control over their system.

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