Euphoria Telecom introduces Cellular Features

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Euphoria Telecom has introduced the next step in the evolution of business communications with its Cellular PBX features, making professional business communications possible without the limitations of stable internet connectivity.

This latest advancement allows businesses to utilise the cellular networks like MTN, Vodacom and Telkom Mobile, directing voice communications to cellular phones with all the features and functions of a business PBX solution.

It is impossible to rely on mobile internet connections for voice calling, as the quality of the call is sporadic depending on your location. In a world where employees are always on the move, there is a need for communication tools that free employees such as sales agents, technical assistance and home workers from an office desk.

The biggest difference in using the cellular network is that there is no longer a need for businesses to establish stable and reliable internet connections in multiple locations.

This new cellular feature benefits businesses from both a cost and mobility perspective, especially considering that a last mile connection could cost a business from R500 per location.

The Mobile Worker

Most employees are reluctant to use their personal mobile numbers for business purposes, they would prefer using a business geographic number.

The cellular feature allows all employees to be contacted through the company’s geographic number and all the standard features of a PBX solution. Mobile employees can transfer calls to colleagues, be part of hunt lists, benefit from an IVR menu and even perform ‘attended transfers’.

Inbound call detail records remain part of the standard PBX features, even over the cellular network. Calls are tracked, can be recorded and all the details of inbound calls will still be stored in the Euphoria cloud Telephone Management System (TMS).

The Small Business

For start-up businesses with less than 10 employees working from home or off-site locations, it can be costly to setup an internet connection at multiple locations just for reliable VoIP. Instead of investing in a last mile connection for each employee, small businesses can benefit from a business PBX solution that works well over the GSM network. Small businesses no longer need to purchase VoIP compliant handsets, each employee’s mobile phone will simply become an extension of the business PBX.

After Hour Support

Businesses with after hour support teams are no longer limited to having one employee’s mobile number for after hour assistance. The cellular features enable employees to receive after hour calls from any location.

With Euphoria’s cellular features, a business can add multiple agents to manage all after hour business calls. If one agent is on a call, the PBX will automatically start hunting for the next available agent on their mobile device. The traditional call centre setup is simply migrated to each agent’s mobile device.

Larger Organisations

Larger organisations can benefit from the best of both worlds by integrating the cellular features into their existing Euphoria PBX system.

They can also benefit from Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), the unified connection between fixed and wireless telecommunications networks. Often large organisations operate from one central head office with regional offices across the country.

With the cellular features, they don’t need to deploy onsite wired networks for smaller satellite offices with a few employees. This is especially useful for satellite offices in areas where stable and reliable internet connectivity is not necessarily available.

They can use the full PBX on a fixed line at their main head office and manage inbound call traffic to all their smaller offices from one central location.

The benefits Euphoria’s Cellular features;

  • No limitations to the mobility of your workforce
  • Gives employees all the benefits of a PBX solution from their mobile device
  • No costly setup of internet connections at multiple locations
  • A PBX solution to manage calls, inbound call detail records and call recordings to mobile devices
  • Ensures all employees receive calls from an office number
  • Cost savings on handsets and internet connectivity

Euphoria Telecoms Cellular PBX features remove multiple barriers to ensuring high quality, reliable and consistent business voice communications without relying on specific internet connectivity. This development gives businesses a strong platform to support their growing mobile employees, with no hassle or fuss.

Better Communications for Work – Euphoria Telecom.

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