A Decade of Savings for SMEs

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SMEs are considered to be the growth engine of South Africa’s economy, providing employment for millions and contributing significantly to the country’s gross domestic product.

On the one hand, this means there are a host of service providers looking to capture their share of this lucrative market. On the other hand, as Euphoria Telecom’s founders discovered, these services aren’t always ideal for business owners who want to spend time on their business, not on comparing products or services and deciphering technical jargon to try and work out what solution is best for their needs.

Euphoria Telecom was born out of its founders’ frustration with the lack of customer service and support, long contracts, high call costs and opaque billing practises that characterised the business telephony market.

Ten years’ later, the company has established itself firmly as a friend to SMEs across the country, providing a world-class VoIP, cloud-based business telephone solution that offers transparent billing, best-in-class call quality and no long-term contracts.

“Euphoria also doesn’t believe in making all of its business critical management features expensive extras, they’re built into the platform offering business owners, managers and executives a real time, 10 000 foot view of what’s going on in their call centre or in their business, as a standard part of our platform,” says Euphoria Telecom CEO John Woollam.

CTO Nic Laschinger concurs: “We’re entrepreneurs and business owners, we understand our customers’ frustrations, and we make sure we keep evolving and developing our platform to seamlessly meet those needs, because they’re our needs too.”

Testament to its success is the fact that the company’s first client – Altech ISIS – is still a client, alongside 4000 other South African businesses, which rely on Euphoria to keep them connected.

This need to stay in touch, with their employees, their customers and each other, was never more critical than during the recent lockdowns, which saw many businesses struggling to work remotely.

Euphoria Telecom stepped up, ensuring its customers could connect to their business phone solution either via its Mobile App, a browser phone or a VoIP handset. This effectively turns any cellphone or laptop into a landline phone, allowing people to make internal and inter-branch calls free, as they normally would, and making landline calls from their computers or cellphones, easily and seamlessly.

The Euphoria platform is evolving daily, and now integrates with critical software like Freshdesk, Microsoft Teams and Zendesk. This means Euphoria’s customers can make calls out of their business software solutions without needing to go back and forth between applications. More integrations are planned, says Laschinger, as part of the company’s drive to make its customers’ lives as easy as possible.

With roughly 80 employees spread across its offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and now remotely, the company is growing fast, and has plans to expand further afield. Watch this space.

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