Euphoria provides a Wow kind of Customer Service

Euphoria provides a Wow kind of Customer Service | PBX | VOIP

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When a client takes the time to put pen to paper to write us a letter like the one below, it affirms that we are indeed ticking all the right boxes and that doing so makes our customers really happy, which is as Francois’s would put it Wow, just wow! 

Good Day,

I want to say how I feel, but not so sure what is enough, too much or too little to say, so excuse my essay. (I’ll try to keep it short)

Coming from the IT industry, spending nearly 20 years in it, I have so many experiences with the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to service providers. In the last 13 months, my telephone system started to be the joke around the braai, because Francois and his Telephone system can’t be sorted.

So returning from a 3 week business trip in Gauteng, I was catching up on my PVR-ed things on DSTV. Guess who I saw (on Winslyn), Euphoria’s 2 directors. At first I thought, hell those guys have guts to present themselves on TV, then I thought I would never be able to-do that!

During the interview I started to think, for the past year I’ve tried so many different ways of running my telephone system, and till now it has stayed a nightmare (or a joke with my friends). Why not give these guys a chance?! So I grabbed my iPad, browsed your website, and filled in the form for sales before the interview was done.

Now the magic happened. The next morning Pierre phoned me, stunned into silence, how is it possible that someone actually replied on a form on a website. He asked me a couple of questions, I tried explaining my requirements, and then the next moment there was an email in my inbox from your company. At first thought that’s the standard responses from a web server, but no, this was a link with not only a quotation, but a full proposal that I could work through step by step.

After going through this nice proposal, watching videos, reading the easy to understand text, and seeing the big names as customers, I had a question or three. Phoned Pierre, after a short conversation and an update on the original ticket, I could go, accept the proposal, sign the documents and do everything step by step.

The rest of the team processed my app, got all the forms to and from me, and this was done in a very short space of time.

In the IT industry I would put Hetzner as my top SP (Hosting)
In the Virtual environment Ruaan and his team is my top provider
And now you guys, Euphoria Telecom, take the Top spot for everything VOIP and PBX related!

I’m Afrikaans, and find it difficult to put everything I want to say in a short paragraph.

Firstly your whole all-in-one system approach (Sales Proposals, Ticket System, TMS, Billing and reporting) is the best I ever experienced! It is so professional and a well thought out business tool, big ups to the developers! Backing this nice system, the people, I just have to compliment your whole team, every person I interacted with knew what they had to-do, no time wasting, and friendly all the way.

  • Pierre for handling the sale (flipping nice proposal).
  • Caroline for the porting of numbers..
  • Elizabeth for the paperwork everyone hates.
  • Garth for setting everything up in less than an hour.
  • Ryan for assisting with those 5 stupid questions to finalize the installation and routing.

This was the best experience I have had with a service provider in the last 24 months, keep up the good work, for one I really appreciate everyone’s efforts, and please stay like this! Your team spirit shows, and I can see from the outside you all go for the same goal.

In one sentence “Euphoria as a whole is Awesome!” Wow, just wow.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’m looking forward to many years of business!

Kind Regards,

Francois Malan

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