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Starting a business is really tough, running a business is even harder. Having a phone system that works is what differentiates you and allows you to survive.

2Way Systems Quick Stats
Customer: 2Way Systems
Solution:  Express
Sector: Technology
Signed up:  July 2015
Number of extensions: 3

For 2Way Systems co-founder and operations director, James Bracher, finding and adopting a Euphoria business phone solution has been a critical milestone in the business’ growth and success. 

Says Bracher: “We’ve been going for almost five years. We’ve really tried to disrupt the market on how to optimise the productivity of workforces. We operated a lot off our cell phones, but we knew that we had to professionalise our business. We found Euphoria online and were able to get set up quite quickly and easily, and we haven’t looked back since.”

Subhead: Excellent service

“The service and support that we got from Euphoria from the beginning was fantastic and it continues to be fantastic,” adds Bracher. “Because the product works and that’s backed up by really brilliant customer support, there’s no need for a long-term contract. I think that says a lot about [Euphoria’s] confidence in the product itself.”

Managing costs is always a critical aspect of running any business, and Euphoria’s telephone management system has been invaluable there. Says Bracher: “With the Euphoria telephone management system we are able to control and monitor how the system works and keep our cost base in check. 

And, he says, “Call quality with Euphoria is fantastic. We have international calls, as well as local calls, that don’t have any delay or breakages in the system.”

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