Why Euphoria's powerful business phone solutions deliver real value to courier and logistics companies

  • No contracts

  • Big savings

  • Full remote working solutions

  • Contact centre ready

  • In-depth analytics

  • Load shedding capabilities

According to Business for South Africa, the logistics sector contributes around 10-12% of the economy’s GDP. A growth rate of more than 8% is expected in the South African Third-Party Logistics (3PL) market during 2020-2025. The demand for logistics services is rising due to the increase in intercontinental trade. The change in consumer behaviour and the rise in e-commerce orders have also driven higher demand for logistics services.

A Mckinsey report revealed that 38% of South African consumers use online shopping channels at least once or twice a month. Ecommerce is rapidly on the rise, and logistics companies must find cost-effective ways to improve delivery time, fees and service for South African consumers, who have become more demanding than ever before.

Switching to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone solution from Euphoria Telecom streamlines your delivery pipeline, facilitating full mobile communication capability for delivery personnel and integrated customer service tools, delivering value from door to door.

Keep your business on the road

Delivery staff need to stay connected while on the job, and in many cases, they must notify clients when they are on their way or have arrived. Many businesses simply provide prepaid mobile phones to keep their staff connected. But regular airtime top-ups can be costly. And if delivery staff run out of airtime on the job, they cannot contact customers or the office. A hosted PBX business phone solution connects via multiple devices. A dedicated mobile app allows staff on the road to stay in touch with customers and the office on their cell phones. Calls from mobile staff to the office (and vice versa) are free.

With its cloud PBX technology, Euphoria provides a single unified dial plan. As a result, outbound delivery staff and multi-office sites on the network can call each other regardless of where they are, and there is no charge for calls between branches or extensions.

Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones

A full-service, cloud-hosted PABX system delivers more than just phone calls. The combination of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud computing technology can link your phone, email and online video conferencing technology platforms all in one place, so you always have every customer interaction at your fingertips.

Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones
Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones

Businesses with limited budgets can reduce call costs by paying a fixed per-minute or per-second rate and enjoy free inter-branch calls because all calls are made via the internet. Euphoria’s packages are also flexible enough for you to choose between a prepaid or post-paid option to make sure there are no surprises on your monthly bill. And there are no long-term subscriptions or contracts as there are with other providers.

Personal delivery

A VoIP PABX solution from Euphoria Telecom integrates more than 200 features built for efficiency and service. In addition, all services are designed to be scalable, meaning you can add as many sites or extensions as you like.

With no capital, resource, bandwidth or technical constraints, your phone system can grow with your business, whether you have 100, 1,000 or 100,000+ employees in your company.

Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones

Stay on track – all day, every day

Euphoria’s Virtual Receptionist feature will ensure that no call ever goes unanswered again. This hands-free receptionist will greet every caller professionally and route their calls using simple, automated options or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based on the caller’s selection. Depending on the query an incoming caller needs to resolve – be it a tracking

enquiry, payment query, or a scheduling question – the Virtual Receptionist can use automatic prompts to take the caller to a telephonic tracking system, allow them to hold for a representative or request a call-back if a representative isn’t available.

Drive better business

In the competitive logistics business, Euphoria Telecom can help you race ahead with better customer service, affordable call rates and powerful digital features. The future of business communication is in the cloud. So, find a flexible solution for your logistics business today.

Seamlessly integrates with the following software

Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones
Euphoria Telecom is an innovative business PABX telephone service that offers its customers unprecedented control and automated operational efficiencies. By removing complexities associated with traditional analogue business telephone systems, Euphoria’s proprietary cloud-based system has decreased customer telephony costs and added massive business value.
Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones

Transform your business with a multi-device phone solution tailored to your specific needs

Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones

We offer cost-effective telephony packages to suit businesses of all sizes.

Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones

Our seamless phone system can be accessed via multiple devices which means remote working is now simpler than ever. 

Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones

Put your deskphone in your pocket with the Euphoria Mobile App.

Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones

Our groundbreaking Telephone Management System (TMS) is packed with 200+ powerful features all designed to save money and improve efficiency.

Save up to:


compared to legacy landlines


compared to cumbersome onsite PBX systems


compared to other PBX providers

Euphoria's top 8 features:

1. The Euphoria digital IVR receptionist

2. The Euphoria browser phone – empowers office-based and remote working staff to make and receive calls over various devices – a must for the hybrid office environment

3. The Euphoria mobile app – allows staff to make and receive calls from their landline numbers via their cell phones. This is a great tool for sales people out on the road. Plus this feature  equips teams to remain operational during loadshedding

4. Multi-branch functionality and free inter-branch calling

5. Security and access control

6. Full call centre platform

7. Compliant call recording

8. Monitor staff’s time and attendance remotely

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