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Euphoria Telecoms demonstrated their Cloud solutions at this years’ annual MyBroadband Cloud, Hosting and Security Conference.

Euphoria is a leading provider of an innovative, cloud-based, cost-effective business communications solution and has established over 2000 private and publicly listed enterprises in South Africa as customers.

What makes them significant is that they have recognised that the rise of a mobile, flexible workforce calls for a change in the way business communications are deployed especially in South Africa.

With this in mind, they have designed a system to work with the local infrastructure, giving South African businesses a chance at tapping into a world-class product designed for corporate SME’s

“The PBX system is designed for the modern-day business which simplifies the necessary functions of a Business PBX to One Simple Solution,” says Euphoria.

“It is designed with customer centricity in mind and delivers the expected performance every time,” Euphoria adds.

Businesses emerge together with technology and cannot afford being tied into long-term contracts for products and services.

Euphoria offers on-demand, scalable solutions that allow flexibility every customer’s unique business requires.

The Telephone Management System (TMS), provides businesses access to key information, reporting and business to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Businesses will get access to real-time insights into their business, their workforce and their own customer experience.

For more information, you can visit the Euphoria website.

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