Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Organisations team up to raise awareness and funds regarding early detection of breast cancer by generating huge pink sticky notes

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Euphoria Telecom and South Africa’s oldest breast cancer organisation, Reach for Recovery, have partnered to by creating giant pink sticky notes to raise awareness and funds to help assist on early detection of breast cancer throughout October.

The ‘remember to think pink’ campaign uses a series of four pink sticky notes in English, Zulu and Xhosa, to encourage women to schedule their annual breast exam.

The sticky notes are being distributed around the country by Reach for Recovery’s more than 500 volunteers and friends, who are taking them to salons, cafés, restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, churches, mosques, community centres, and other places where women gather.

The campaign is also rolled out online on Euphoria’s social media pages through a mix of static and video content that links to a ‘remember to think pink’ landing page.

The page encourages women all over the country to help paint South Africa pink by sharing a ‘make the smart call’ digital sticky note on their social media channels.

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“With this simple, collective, and collaborative action, vital early detection messaging can go further, faster,” said Euphoria Telecom national marketing manager Lauren Pybus.

Meanwhile, Reach for Recovery national chairperson Stephné Jacobs says approximately one in 26 women in South Africa will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.

“As a long-standing national breast cancer service of 56 years, this statistic really hits home for us at Reach for Recovery. We are thrilled to be part of Euphoria Telecom’s ‘remember to think pink’ collaboration.

“We want women to understand they need to go for scans to help detect the disease. We are also showcasing our services and raising funds to fulfil our mission of providing emotional and practical support to every person in SA confronted by breast cancer,” she adds.

Pybus further added that this is the third campaign the company is doing with Reach for Recovery as part of its (corporate social investment) CSI programme.

“This year, we are amplifying Reach For Recovery’s proactive message by using the simple visual mechanism of bright pink sticky notes as a means to remind women to ‘make the smart call’ and schedule their annual breast cancer screening.

“It’s been a pleasure and privilege to collaborate with Reach for Recovery on the ‘remember to think pink’ campaign, and we look forward to supporting this amazing organisation well into the future,” Pybus said.

Reach for Recovery ambassador Marli du Toit also said that they provide practical and emotional support to breast cancer patients during their journey and survivorship afterwards.

“By creating and launching this super-fun and engaging ‘remember to think pink’ campaign, I know we are only going to get our message further, raise more money, and inevitably save more lives,” she said.`

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