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Bring business together with Multi-Branch Functionality

If you have more than one branch in your business, making inter-branch calls can get expensive and time-consuming. With Euphoria’s Multi-Branch Functionality, you can minimise those costs and maximise time-saving convenience in so many ways.

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How to take your deskphone with you, everywhere you go

Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile phones, landlines or desk phones have become a little retro, even uncool. They’re still an essential for most businesses, though. And with a dash of mobility added in, they can reach beyond the office, to become an indispensable part of your remote working toolkit. Find out more about our Yealink phones here.

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PABX Phone Systems 101 – what they are and how they work

PABX phone systems is a private automatic branch exchange. In analogue terms, this is a box that sits at your reception desk, receiving calls from the outside world and directing them throughout your office, and in turn taking calls you make out into the broader telephone network.Read More

Pitch & Pedal: Golf Course Review – Royal Johannesburg and Kensington (East course)

Euphoria Telecom is South Africa’s leading cloud-based business phone system. With 4500+ happy customers across the country they aren’t just a company selling a product – they are passionate about customer service too. For Euphoria it’s all about creating a positive and empowering experience.Read More

Euphoria Telecom is raising the bar in customer service excellence

Euphoria has changed the way telephone companies engage with customers and has set a new standard in delivering exceptional service. In an industry that has become renowned for lackluster service delivery, Euphoria has proven to do things differently and always strives to make each and every customer feel valued and important.Read More