Pitch & Pedal: Golf Course Review – Royal Johannesburg and Kensington (East course)

Euphoria Telecom is South Africa’s leading cloud-based business phone system. With 4500+ happy customers across the country they aren’t just a company selling a product – they are passionate about customer service too. For Euphoria it’s all about creating a positive and empowering experience.Read More

Euphoria Telecom is raising the bar in customer service excellence

Euphoria has changed the way telephone companies engage with customers and has set a new standard in delivering exceptional service. In an industry that has become renowned for lackluster service delivery, Euphoria has proven to do things differently and always strives to make each and every customer feel valued and important.Read More

New leadership to take Euphoria to new heights

Euphoria Telecom co-founders and visionaries, George Golding, Rafal Janik and Conrad de Wet, have appointed new leadership to help take the company to new heights. They will continue to drive the company at a high level while John Woollam and Nic Laschinger take over the management of the business.Read More

New year brings new and improved technologies

Every year starts with excitement as many new tech trends and technologies emerge that are fast changing the way we work and interact with others. In fact, technology is revolutionising the way we do business.Read More

Pitch & Pedal Equipment Feature powered by Euphoria Telecom: Garmin Fenix 5 Plus series

This is the first equipment feature that I’m compiling in partnership with Euphoria Telecom and it’s a fitting choice because this particular makes me feel pretty euphoric.Read More

Pitch & Pedal Cycle Race Feature powered by Euphoria Telecom: Wines2Whales

Listen to Ben Karpinski’s first Pitch & Pedal podcast here. This week the focus is on the popular Wines2Whales cycle race. Read More

21st Century Telecommunication – Now

These insightful extracts from Atlanta phone history give us a good idea of what communication was like back in the day and just how far we have come from switchboards with telephone lines strung out the window to the simplicity of 21st century cloud based telephone systems.Read More

Euphoria provides a Wow kind of Customer Service

When a client takes the time to put pen to paper to write us a letter like the one below, it affirms that we are indeed ticking all the right boxes and that doing so makes our customers really happy, which is as Francois’s would put it Wow, just wow! Read More

Euphoria Removes the Risk of Toll Fraud

If your phone provider doesn’t offer control mechanisms to help prevent fraudulent use of your VOIP account, you may want to look into using a Euphoria Telecom.  International hackers are on the prowl, looking to hijack telephone systems and using them to place calls to premium charge-by-the-minute numbers.Read More