Euphoria Telecom – Accenture Innovation Index Finalist

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The Accenture Innovation Index annually measures, recognises and rewards innovation and systems of innovation in organisations of all sizes in the South African public and private sectors. It also aims to provide an authoritative, objective snapshot of the current state of innovation in South Africa.

All companies that have entered will receive a ‘diagnostic’ report. This compares their performance to the market and industry average. It also shows the top performers in four categories: Product Development, Process Design, System Design and Service Delivery.

Accenture Innovation Index Finalist | Euphoria PABX systems

As a pioneer in its field Euphoria Telecom was honored to receive the news that it was a finalist for the Innovation Index.CEO, George Golding looks forward to the very prestigious Accenture Innovation Conference which will be taking place this coming week where the winners will be announced.

The conference this year promises to be brilliant with speakers such as Sebastian Thrun, the inventor of Google glass. An event like this, for the forward thinking, trailblazing individual and company, should not be missed. For more information about the agenda visit the website. Accenture works hard at focusing on the positive in the SME sector and makes a big difference in our economic landscape by encouraging innovation.

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