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These insightful extracts from Atlanta phone history give us a good idea of what communication was like back in the day and just how far we have come from switchboards with telephone lines strung out the window to the simplicity of 21st century cloud based telephone systems.

Imagine the first phone, a wooden box with one hole for both talking and listening, to use it you had to pick it up and yell into it, then move it to your ear to listen.

The first switchboards were situated on the top floor of a building so that the wires could easily be strung out the building to telephone poles. Small single switch boards could only handle 25 lines, most of the lines were shared party lines with 2 or 3 subscribers.

It was several decades before the telephone cable was introduced. The first lines used a single wire for each telephone line. These lines were particular noisy, picking up electrical noise from power lines and adjacent telephone lines.

This is a far cry from the sophisticated phone systems we have today take the Euphoria business telephone system, a system which gives clients control of their communications.  With all their billing information and call analytics available at the click of a button. The system is fully customizable to suit a myriad of different business requirements along with seamless scalability allowing for 3 extensions for the small business owner to 300 or more for larger corporations.

Gone are the days of cumbersome and antiquated telephone systems, take a tour of the Euphoria telephone management system and experience for yourself just how far telecommunication has come.

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